Kantina Dualos

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Dagaprint and the Labelmaker expanding to Kosovo: Label design and print for Kantina Dualos

At Dagaprint, we are proud to present another collaborative masterpiece with the Labelmaker: the exquisitely designed wine label for Kantina Dualos. The designer’s unparalleled design skills are evident in every aspect of this label, from its conceptualization to its intricate details. This project is a perfect example of how our state-of-the-art printing capabilities complement and enhance the visionary design work of our partners, culminating in a product that transcends ordinary labels.

A canvas of textures and shades:

We believe in the power of touch. The Kantina Dualos label is a masterful blend of heavy stock, cotton textures, and smooth paper – a tactile journey that invites exploration. Our advanced printing techniques bring out every nuanced detail, creating a label that is as delightful to touch as it is to view.

Simplicity and sophistication: The emblem of excellence:

Central to this design is the Kantina Dualos logo, elegantly presented in deep black. Our printing expertise ensures that the logo, embossed with precision, stands out as a subtle yet powerful centerpiece. It’s an understated declaration of identity, achieved through our commitment to quality and detail.

Geometric intrigue and metallic flair:

The mandala-inspired logo, a complex interplay of circles, showcases our ability to bring intricate designs to life. Accompanying this are two copper foils, featuring microembossed details that only our sophisticated printing technology can achieve. These elements come together to form a metallic symphony on a bold black background.

The mark of limited edition luxury:

Reflecting a masculine minimalism, this label is a study in contrasts – bold yet gentle, simple yet rich. This label is more than just a piece of printing; it’s a limited edition masterpiece. Every aspect, from the choice of material to the final print, is handled with utmost care, ensuring that each label is a testament to our shared legacy of excellence.

The label for Kantina Dualos is not just ink and paper – it’s a celebration of Dagaprint’s dedication to bringing complex designs to life. Cheers to the subtle artistry of printing, where every detail matters!

Printer:   Dagaprint
Client:   Kantina Dualos
Embellishments:   hot foil, micro embossing, strong embossing, volume varnish
Wine Label Designer:  The Labelmaker – www.thelabelmaker.eu
Photos:  The Labelmaker

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