Dochev & Dochev

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The art of wine label printing: Dochev & Dochev’s label journey

Introducing Dochev & Dochev, an emerging star in the winemaking industry, founded by two dedicated brothers with a vision to excel in viticulture. Located in the heart of Europe’s rich vineyards, Dochev & Dochev aims to produce distinctive wines by cultivating both renowned and obscure grape varieties to perfection.

Design inspiration by the Labelmaker:

The wine label for Dochev & Dochev, crafted by our creative partner, the Labelmaker, draws its elegance from the historic wrought iron decorations of old Venice. Set against a deep blue reminiscent of Venetian palatial art, the label integrates custom serif typography that nods to the grandeur of Capitalis Monumentalis, bridging Roman artistic heritage with Renaissance influences. This design, housed on a classic Bordeaux-style bottle, marries historical finesse with modern sophistication.

Printing techniques by Dagaprint:

Our team at Dagaprint faced the complex task of translating this intricate design into a tangible label. The primary challenge was achieving a raised effect on the ornate grill design using domed glossy silver, which required great attention to detail and innovative printing techniques. Through expertise and persistence, every challenge was met with precision, ensuring the label’s intricate details were vividly brought to life.

Highlighting details:

The label features a grainy paper texture with a semi-metallic finish that brilliantly enhances the base color, adding a radiant sheen. White overlay areas offer striking contrast, deepening the visual impact of the label. The elegant raised varnish delineates these areas, adding a layer of sophistication. The ornate grill, a central element of the design, provides a luxurious focal point that embodies aristocratic elegance.

The Dochev & Dochev wine label is another example to our capability to execute complex designs with impeccable quality. This project stands for our seemless collaboration with the Labelmaker’s and blends historical inspirations with modern design elements. The outcome – a visually stunning result for Dochev & Dochev.

Printer:   Dagaprint
Client:   Dochev & Dochev
Embellishments:   embossing & doming 
Wine Label Designer:  The Labelmaker –
Photos:  The Labelmaker

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