Smalltalks Rosé

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Label to talk about: Our latest print for Smalltalks Rosé by Oriachovitza

Dagaprint is proud to showcase one of our latest printing achievements: the Smalltalks Rosé wine label for Oriachovitza. Oriachovitza is a prestigious Bulgarian winery with a rich history dating back to 1935. Known for its award-winning Rosé wines, Oriachovitza continues to blend tradition with modernity, appealing to the younger generation of wine lovers with its new offering, Smalltalks Rosé.

Creative design by the Labelmaker:

The goal was to craft a label that resonates with the vibrancy of youth and the light-hearted moments shared over wine.The Smalltalks label, designed by our innovative partner the Labelmaker is modern, with a unique illustration that is both simple and abstract. It effectively captures the spirit of the brand.

Printing techniques and challenges:

One of the main challenges in bringing this vision to life was the intricate die-cut required to mimic a torn page from a notebook — a key design feature envisioned by the Labelmaker. Dagaprint’s expertise in specialized printing techniques allowed us to overcome this challenge, executing the complex die-cut with precision. From the unique hot foil color to the detailed engraving, our team made sure that the design was flawlessly executed.

Luxurious materials and exceptional details:

The label is printed on high-quality white cotton solid paper stock, enhancing the tactile experience and adding a layer of luxury to the packaging. The non-traditional hot foil color for the brand tag, along with intricate engraving in the foil die, creates a stunning stamped effect that elevates the overall aesthetic. The final product is a label that not only catches the eye but also enriches the consumer’s interaction with the brand.

The Smalltalks Rosé wine label is another great example for the creative and professional projects we execute. With its modern design and playful elements, the wine label reflects Oriachovitza’s brand identity and positioning in the market. Cheers to all the beautiful conversations and joyful moments a good wine like Smalltalks can inspire.

Printer:   Dagaprint
Client: Oriachovitza
Embellishments:   hot foil, micro embossing, volume varnish, custom die cut
Wine Label Designer:  The Labelmaker –
Photos:  The Labelmaker

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