Offset roll printing

The offset printing assures high quality and stability of the print in long runs of self-adhesive roll labels.  In addition to the four process colors CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black), press operators can use inks that match a client’s specified Pantone brand colors. The offset printing is based on the principle that water and grease do not mix, so that a greasy ink can be deposited on grease-treated printing areas of the plate, while nonprinting areas, which hold water, reject the ink.

Offset Printing
Digital Printing

Digital roll printing

Digital printing is the process of making prints from an electronic file. The artwork is created on a computer and directly printed onto the material. This is the most popular method for printing small quantities of print due to the many advantages of this method. One of the most important benefits of digital printing is the high-quality finish. The quick turnaround time is the most important advantage of this method. The cost-effectiveness is another important advantage of this method. The process is more effective for medium and shorter print runs.

Sheet offset printing

We can offer you printing with standard inks in CMYK, as well as fixed colours /PANTONE/. The various finishing processes – UV varnish, selective varnish, embossing, laminating, etc. will make your product even more enchanting.

Offset Sheet Printing

Sheet digital printing

We offer digital print of advertising materials with size up to 33×48 sm. The advantages consist in the fact that you get high print quality, short production time and lower preparatory expenses. This technology is suitable for short and medium runs for brochures, posters, calendars, visit cards etc. Thanks to the excellent equipment you can purchase a single copy of your product.

Our Services

Design and prepress studio

Dagaprint has its own design and prepress studio. You just have to tell us your idea and we will give you full support to see this idea realized. We will help you with the choice of material on which you could print your label or packing, we will offer you the extras that will make your product unique.


Exposure studio

We also have a studio for exposure of plastics for offset and sheet printing. That enables us to supervise the printing process even better – we achieve homogeneous colours and shorten the production time.


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Find the answers of your questions here

We offer roll self-adhesive labels for the wine, food, cosmetics and chemical industries. Dagaprint operates with the most modern technology for the production of roll self-adhesive labels. Our high technology allows the production of labels with modern materials and effective tasks, including hot foil / stamping, tactile varnish, 3D relief, doming effect, embossing, debossing, laminate, holograms and others.

We need to have the working files of your project, sent in PDF, EPS or Adobe Illustrator format. We also need to know the type of paper, the sizes of the label, the colors and the effects, if any. You should also send us the desired quantity and direction of the roll, in case you put your labels with a labeling machine. Information about the roll direction you may find here. 

The printing process starts after we agree on all the aspects of your order.  The printing period depends on the complexity of the job. For labels without specific tasks and effects, the production takes about 4 days. In the presence of effects and specific assignments on the label, the production takes from 7 to 10 working days, depending on the complexity of the implementation.

Dagaprint does not directly offer the design service, but we can recommend designers who have proven their high contribution and professionalism in our joint work over the years . We can help you with corrections and additions to an already available design, as this procedure is performed in our prepress studio.

The price for printing a certain label is strictly individual, depending on the quantity, materials, effects and complexity of execution. There are also initial costs for die cutting tools and cliches, which are paid only once when ordering a label for the first time. You also need to calculate the delivery costs, where the price is according to the tariffs of the desired courier. Our sales department will calculate your assignment in detail, and in response you will receive an official price offer for everything.

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