Lozenitsa Estate

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A Star is Born: Label Design and Print for the Young Winery Lozenitsa Estate

W are excited to showcase the fruits of another remarkable collaboration with the Labelmaker: The Lozenitsa Estate wine label, a perfect blend of design artistry and printing mastery.

The vision: “Dressed to Impress”:

With the launch of this wine, the Labelmaker had a clear vision driven by the motto “Dressed to Impress”. His idea was to create a label that you cannot simply pass by on the shelf.  

Craftsmanship meets technology:

We embraced the challenge of using fused label technology, a testament to our commitment to innovation. The label’s base layer, an oval canvas, features the gold-stamped crest of Lozenitsa Estate. Our advanced printing techniques highlighted the intricate details and strong embossing effects, honoring the winery’s rich heritage.

The top layer is where our expertise really shines. The arc-shaped paper isn’t just informational; it’s a visual spectacle. With precise embossing and framed outlines, we elevated essential details like the wine variety, region, vintage, and bottle numbering to create a strong visual impact.

To match the label’s elegance, a classic heavy Burgundy bottle was chosen, sealed with a cork and adorned with a sophisticated black wax seal.

The “Dressed to Impress” label for Lozenitsa Estate was crafted with a lot of patience, creativity and printed with a great precision. As each bottle is uncorked, it reveals not just a wine but a masterpiece of elegance and professionalism.

Printer:   Dagaprint
Client: Lozenitsa Estate
Embellishments:   hot foil, micro embossing, deep embossing and debossing, two different papers, numbering, label over label
Wine Label Designer:  The Labelmaker – www.thelabelmaker.eu
Photos:  The Labelmaker

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