Klinger Distillery

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Innovative gin label printing for the Klinger Distillery

Dagaprint is proud to announce another collaboration with @the labelmaker, our partner in innovation, on the groundbreaking project for The Klinger Distillery, nestled in the heart of New York State, USA. Our partner’s design journey led to the creation of a label that beautifully reflects the distillery’s spirit and stands as a testament to the sophistication of craft gin label design.

Logo printing celebrates craftsmanship:

At the heart of this collaboration was the printing of a new logo, a tribute to The Klinger Distillery’s iconic copper Alembic stills. This symbol, conceived by the Labelmaker, represents the distillery’s dedication to quality, and Dagaprint brought it to life with precision and clarity.

Transparency and texture: A printing achievement:

Our printing expertise was particularly showcased in realizing the label’s innovative, see-through design. Featuring a pattern of randomly scattered ‘K’ letters, the design allows for dynamic interaction with the bottle beneath, a concept masterfully envisioned by our design partner and executed with advanced printing techniques.

Embossing and hot foil stamping:

The label’s luxurious appeal is amplified by embossed ‘K’ letters and the application of silver and gold hot foils. These elements, designed to create a tactile and visual delight, were printed with great attention to detail, ensuring each label shines with a rich, metallic shimmer.

Fusing paper and metal foil:

Choosing a heavy stock paper and solid aluminum foil for the label layers required a delicate balance of materials. Expertise was critical in achieving this fusion, creating a label that feels as good as it looks, embodying both minimalist modernity and tactile elegance.

Limited edition printing enhances exclusivity

With our printing capabilities we can execute both small and big batches. This was a limited-edition gin label, emphasizing the exclusivity and unique character of each bottle. Our high-quality printing processes ensure that the design’s intricate details are preserved in every label.

Metallic matte capsule: The finishing touch

The project culminated with the execution of a metallic copper matte capsule, featuring an embossed logo. This final detail, executed thanks to our newest printing capabilities, encapsulates the premium nature of The Klinger Distillery’s craft gin. It promises an unboxing experience that’s as exceptional as the gin itself.

This collaborative project between Dagaprint, the Labelmaker and the Kingler Distillery has set a new standard in gin label printing. It’s a blend of artistry and printing excellence creating a truly unique product for the client.

Printer:   Dagaprint
Client: The Kingler Distillery
Embellishments: bottom coat: hot foil, embossing; top coat: metal foil, embossing & debossing
Label Designer:  The Labelmaker – www.thelabelmaker.eu
Custom fonts: Kiril Zlatkov, the Fontmaker
Photos:  The Labelmaker

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