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Another fine technique printing for Ezimit: Elevating the winery’s brand through artful design

Creating long-term partnerships is one of our main goals at Dagaprint. We see our clients as partners and aim to build strong and lasting business relationships. Therefore, we are happy to have been part of another project for Ezimit winery.

Ezimit, nestled in North Macedonia, is a Balkan treasure that masterfully blends tradition and innovation to craft exceptional wines, reflecting the region’s distinct terroir. With an array of delectable whites and robust reds, Ezimit’s wines exemplify the passion and expertise of their winemakers.

To highlight their premium wine selection, Ezimit winery sought labels that would embody the essence of their brand. The result is a captivating collection of 13 labels, boasting a unique shape and an eye-catching hot foil element – one of our premium printing techniques.

The solid gold hot foil element, reminiscent of a grape cluster, forms the focal point of the design, occupying the label’s left half and exuding luxury and exclusivity. The grape representation, created by cut-out holes within the foil, adds depth and texture. The sporadic spots inside the gold foil zone allude to the rocky terroir where the grapes flourish, forging a powerful visual link between the wine and its origin.

The right half of the label showcases the Ezimit branding, stamped with gold hot foil and bold embossing. This combination enhances the tactile experience, encouraging consumers to interact with the label and reinforcing the notion of quality and craftsmanship. In the top-right corner, an embossed seal featuring the Ezimit brand against a plain backdrop adds a touch of refinement and strengthens the brand identity.

A distinguishing aspect of the labels is the contrasting background colors for white and red wines. White wines have a white label background, while red wines use black paper, creating a striking contrast that amplifies the gold hot foil element’s impact.

The creator of this astonishing label design is the Labelmaker, and we made sure to execute his vision and ideas, turning it into a work of art. The unconventional shape, solid gold hot foil, and embossing combine to offer a sensory experience and statement-making wine label.

Printer:   Dagaprint
Client:   Ezimit – Wines of Macedonia
Embellishments:   custom diecut, hot foil stamping, embossing, high build transparent varnish
Wine Label Designer:  The Labelmaker – www.thelabelmaker.eu
Photos:  The Labelmaker

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