Take advantage of the effects, which we offer, in order to put an emphasis on a specific feature of your company or the characteristics of the product. This individual feature could make the customer choose your product over the others.

Hot foiling / stamping

That is a process characterized by transferring hot foil, which has a certain design, with a special cliché on the label. The result is a metal gloss, available in a variety of colours.

Tactile varnish / Silk screening

This varnish gives texture on a specific part or heading on the label. It is an interesting option to standard varnishes and gives the product a stylish and elegant finish. It is characterized by an elegant touch of 3d vision. The effect is also known as Relief Varnish, and Volume Varnish 

Doming /Liquid Metal/

As a finishing printing process we offer the constantly gaining popularity “Liquid Metal” effect. It creates the illusion that the label is 3D and the printed details look like liquefied gold, silver, etc.

Embossing / Debossing

This effects emphasizes on a particular part of the label – image or text. It is stamped with a custom cliché, regardless of its direction – upwards or downwards.


In order to make sure that our products are safe enough we offer the printing of custom-built hologram images. For its creation we could use foil with a specific feature or it could be designed taking in regard your preferences.


Textured effects are quite an elegant and clever option to add sophisticated and attractive, eye-catching effect on your labels. We have an extensive catalogue of both foiled and embossed textures which can also be combined. Dependent on the level of reflection and movement that you require, we offer matte, patterned and diffractive foil textures.


Lamination improves durability and moisture resistance, while giving a clean, contemporary and professional finish. It involves the application of a thin layer of durable polyester polypropylene film to the label material. We can supply high gloss, matte, soft touch, antibacterial, textured, silk and UV resistance laminate finishes. All of our laminate finishes offer longevity and durability, especially when compared to varnish techniques.

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers of your questions here

Dagaprint operates with the most modern technologies for the production of roll self-adhesive labels. Our high technologies allow the production of labels with modern materials that contribute to exquisite results. We offer effects such as: hot foil / stamping, tactile varnish, 3D relief, doming effect, embossing, debossing, laminate, holograms and others. We offer roll self-adhesive labels for the wine, food, cosmetics and chemical industries.

The effects are not a must. It all depends on the industry you are in and your target group.  However, adding an effect or a combination of different effects, undoubtedly brings an elegant, eye-catching attention to your product.  The well-balanced effects create a higher style and more appealing appearance of your product, bringing uniqueness and individuality.  If you would like to have a luxurious and elegant label, it is almost imperative to use a good harmony of effects to achieve this goal.

There isn’t a specific formula determining how many effects you should put on your label. However, the well-balanced combination of different styles of effects will ultimately lead to a more distinctive look of your product. This combinations should be elegantly combined with various effects, such as elements with hot stamping, texts with tactile volume and additional details with embossing or debossing. If you would like to achieve a luxurious look on your label, it is desirable to have at least two types of effects combined. The complexity and harmony between different types of effects can be achieved with a good label design.

Yes, we can suggest and recommend you ideas for adding effects on your label, as long as you already have a design of your product label. We will do our best to further enhance the vision of your label by adding an effect or a combination of different effects.

Each product has its own uniqueness. However, each type of business follows some advisory guidelines, that the consumers are used to expect. We offer labels for the wine, food, cosmetics and chemical industries, and each industry has its own specifics and characteristics. This is the time for your designer to feel and take into account the idea behind your product. The right combination of effects is essentially significant for the overall appearance and must be synchronized according to the expectations of the customers.  For examples, it is far more likely to use more than one effect on your label if you are in the wine and spirits industry, than the pharmacy and cosmetic industry, where the expectations are different.  

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