Crystal Rain Distillery

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Expanding markets: Printing elegance for Kristone Craft Gin

We are proud to spotlight another remarkable collaboration with The Labelmaker. This time on the Kristone Craft Gin project for Crystal Rain Distillery. With this expansion across the ocean, we brought the limited edition labels the family-owned gem nestled in the heart of Illinois, USA.

The genesis of a unique identity:

The journey of this project began with the Labelmaker‘s vision to encapsulate the spirit of Crystal Rain Distillery in a label. The result was a stunning monogram logo that intertwines the initials C, R, and D. They set the stage for the narrative of “Crystal Rain Distillery”.

A bottle that tells a story:

The chosen vessel for this exquisite gin blends modern lines with vintage allure. This reflects the distillery’s dedication to the craft. It’s here that Dagaprint’s printing mastery comes to play, bringing to life a label design that’s as intricate as the spirit it adorns.

Unveiling layers of craftsmanship:

Our challenge was to materialize the two-part label concept envisioned by the Labelmaker. The label features a base made of premium paper stock with a smooth finish. Above this, a striking metal foil top layer showcases the distillery’s emblem, enhanced with dynamic embossing. This layering not only creates a tactile invitation but also a visual feast, echoing the gin’s layered complexity.

A symphony of color and texture:

The label’s palette—a sophisticated turquoise set against matte copper hot foil. It was chosen to mirror Kristone Craft Gin’s refined character. Dagaprint’s precision in color matching and foil stamping brings forth a label that beckons with its elegant contrast. Furthermore, it promises a sensory exploration through its debossed texture and custom embossing.

Exclusivity in every detail:

Under the careful guidance of our team members, each label is printed in a limited edition run. This highlights the exclusivity and attention to detail that define small-scale craftsmanship. A matte black capsule, embellished with an embossed logo, adds the finishing touch. Subtle floral motifs in dark silver foil seal each bottle as a premium offering.

Each bottle of Kristone Craft Gin is not just a product but a sensory journey, inviting aficionados to experience a blend of tradition and innovation. With this project we are further solidifying our role as pioneers in the art of label printing.

Printer:   Dagaprint
Client: Crystal Rain Distillery
Embellishments: digital print, hot foil, strong embossing and debossing, micro embossing, roof embossing, volume varnish, custom die cut
Label Designer:  The Labelmaker –
Photos:  The Labelmaker

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