Clos Bibliotheque

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Clos Bibliotheque: A Label Where History Meets Elegance

Another inspiring project in our portfolio – the elegant and historically rich wine label for Clos Bibliotheque. Nestled in the village of Nevsha, Eastern Bulgaria, where the Black Sea influences the terroir, Clos Bibliotheque represents a fusion of tradition and contemporary winemaking.

Historical background:

Drawing inspiration from the region’s historical scriptorium and the revered Stone Library, the winery pays tribute to the legacy of Cyril and Methodius’ students. The label design, crafted with an eye for historical narrative, features a logo that symbolizes the fusion of culture and science, key elements in the winery’s philosophy.

Design excellence:

The logo, a centerpiece of the design, developed by the Labelmaker showcases debossed sun rays representing enlightenment, with a book symbol atop. Two crossed keys, a nod to the secrets of viticulture, are elegantly stamped in embossed silver foil, creating a visual and tactile allure.

Classic elegance & modern craft:

Embracing the classic style of Old World wines, the label is printed on thick, solid paper, chosen for its durability and timeless aesthetic. The traditional Burgundy bottle and premium tin capsule further accentuate the label’s classic charm.


Every design aspect of this label was executed by us to ensure that it not only tells a story but does so with unparalleled quality. The deep debossing and intricate embossing techniques bring the design to life, offering a label that is as much a joy to touch as it is to behold.

The result is more than just a label—it’s a narrative gateway. Each bottle from Clos Bibliotheque tells a story, weaving together the rich history of Eastern Bulgaria with the contemporary art of winemaking, creating a connection with wine enthusiasts that goes beyond the ordinary.

Printer:   Dagaprint
Client:   Clos Bibliotheque
Embellishments:   hot foil, embossing, debossing 
Wine Label Designer:  The Labelmaker –
Photos:  The Labelmaker

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