Chateau Bozukoff

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Elegant Label design and print for Chateau Bozukoff

Nestled in the scenic Thracian Valley of Bulgaria, Chateau Bozukoff is not just a winery but a legacy of familial winemaking tradition. Each bottle from Chateau Bozukoff is a narrative of passion, craftsmanship, and profound respect for the land. And has been crafted under the premise that winemaking is much more than a business — it’s an expression of love for the terroir.

Label design: A blend of tradition and modernity:

Inspired by the elegance of classic French wine labels, the Chateau Bozukoff labels, designed by our esteemed partner, the Labelmaker, blend historical charm with modern aesthetics. The design strikes a balance between timeless elegance and contemporary minimalism. It features rounded corners and a unique material fusion of paper and sleek metal. This approach results in a label that epitomizes understated sophistication. And allows it to align perfectly with the winery’s ethos of authenticity and quality craftsmanship.

Dagaprint’s precision in printing:

Our collaboration on this project prooves the commitment of our team at Dagaprint to exceptional quality and precision. The challenge was to accurately reflect the winery’s esteemed legacy through high-quality printing techniques. The emblematic RB monogram, central to the label’s design, required detailed attention to ensure its elegance was perfectly captured. Inspired by the detailed patterns found on Omega Seamaster watch dials, the subtle wavy motifs on the label add dynamism and a touch of luxury. With our advanced embossing techniques this beautiful outcome was possible.

Attention to detail and material fusion:

Further enhancing the label’s charm is an elegantly debossed frame that adds depth and texture. This technuqie represents our expertise in combining materials effectively. The harmonious blend of paper and metal elements elevates the label from a mere branding tool to a piece of art, complemented by a classic burgundy bottle and a beautifully designed capsule.

The finished product:

The final product is a label that truly represents Chateau Bozukoff’s wines: timeless, elegant, and rich with tradition, yet appealing to modern tastes. This is another testament to the successful collaboration between us and our partner, the Labelmaker. This is where design vision and printing excellence come together to create something extraordinary.

Printer:   Dagaprint
Client:   Chateau Bozukoff
Embellishments: strong debossing, strong embossing, micro embossing, volume varnish, label over label 
Wine Label Designer:  The Labelmaker –
Photos:  The Labelmaker

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