A divine wine with a unique story behind its creation. The fascinating label of Sallinas wine is inspired by the bond between the generations and family traditions. Depicting two horses, intertwined in one other, the label is in fact a visual metaphor of father and son. Two generations, following one tradition. The idea of embedding horse heads on the label is influenced by the family’s special passion for horses. Apart from their magnificent wines, Salla Estate is also famous for their equestrian farm. Premium wines and distinctive horse breeds are the trademarks of the estate, situated peacefully in the Black Sea region of Bulgaria. You can clearly sense the extravagant appearance of the label, uniting modernism and aristocracy. For the accomplishment of this remarkable achievement is used a sophisticated combination of various print effects, such as doming effect and silk screening, printed against very harmonious soft-touch background surface. What an elegant performance, arranged in perfection on a classy Burgundy style bottle!

Printer   Dagaprint
Client   Solla Estate – Bulgaria
Embellishments   doming effect, silk screening, soft-touch laminating
Wine Label Designer  The Labelmaker – www.thelabelmaker.eu
Photos  The Labelmaker

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